Labeler LA-5 SERIES

LA-5 SERIES Top Laminating Machine (Right / Left)
Pasting position
  • Easy layout adjustment thanks to the new unit design.
  • By adopting a new structure, maintenance is greatly improved
  • 7-inch wide color LCD touch panel and high-speed CPU that helps improve visibility and operability.



Model LA-5 SERIES Top-paste machine (Right transfer / Left transfer)
Processing Capacity 120 sheets / minute (when work pitch is 200mm)
Number of registered varieties 100 varieties
Drive System AC servo motor
Label Specifications Mount width 15 to 120mm
Label length 15 to 300mm
Label interval 3mm or more
Roll outer diameter ø280mm (approx. 250m winding)
Paper tube inner diameter ø76.5mm
Conveyer Specifications Conveyor belt width 200mm
Conveyor length 1,000mm
Conveyor height 785mm (+ 80mm, -0mm)
Standard transport speed 21.3m / min (50Hz), 25.5m / min (60Hz)
External dimensions 1,000 (width) x 980 (depth) x 1,400 (height) mm
Mass 80kg
Power supply / Power consumption AC100V ± 10% 50 / 60Hz Max 500W
Option Printing machine, printing inspection device, label sticking presence inspection device, etc.

* The workpiece specifications are for reference only. Please consult us since it depends on the workpiece shape and dimensions.


OM Type

OM Type

A compact thermal stamper that does not require a type replacement. Ribbon can be easily exchanged on the outer ring.

OH Type

OH Type

It is a typesetting system hot printer.

Double winder type

Double winder type

Two labels can be applied.

Vertical space-saving type

Vertical space-saving type

Easy installation even in tight spaces.

Advanced space-saving type

Advanced space-saving type

It can also be installed on short lines.

DownloadSpecifications are subject to change for improvement without prior notice.

LA-5 SERIES catalog

■ LA-5 SERIES catalog

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LA-5 SERIES catalog

■ LA-5 SERIES catalog (Top-bottom pasting machine)

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OM Printer Catalog

■ OM Printer Catalog

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