A message appears after peeling the skin just like you would a real fruit!

Fruit Message

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A fruit-themed message card that reveals a message when you peel the skin!
Peel back the paper just like you would an apple or orange.
Your friends will love opening this message!

How to use Fruit Message




Write a message on the fruit.





Peel the backing off the sticker around the edge, and stick the skin down.





Give it to the recipient.





When the skin is peeled, the message appears!





Size /
   Apple: H150 mm x W79 mm                                        
   Orange: H137 mm x W70 mm
Material / High-quality paperbag of 3sheets


OEM-related and Other Inquiries

These are product samples. Cards can also be designed from company logos and original characters.

Please contact us for more information.



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