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Hitokoto Animals

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Stickers aren’t only stuck on the front of things!

It’s also fun to stick them on the back side too, like these stickers. Peel off the belly of the cute bear, and stick it on the back side of a bag or card. In this way, the character’s face and arms peek out from behind. Naturally, they can also be used to write messages. These stickers can be used to close bags, as sticky notes for notebooks or books, in the office, to stick messages to PCs, or even to label drinks for friends and colleagues.



Use Hitokoto Animals!


Size / H95 mm × W55mm
Material / High-quality paper
bag of 10sheets



OEM-related and Other Inquiries

These are product samples. Cards can also be designed from company logos and original characters.

Please contact us for more information.

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