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History of OSP Since the Company’s founding in 1927, Osaka Sealing Printing (OSP) has focused on the functions of “affixing”, “packaging” and “attracting” in its technology development and sales. In 1961, OSP obtained a patent for a half blanking technology in which the cutter pierces only the top layer leaving the separator uncut. Since then, the Company has maintained a focus on quality and continues to use the most advanced printing equipment available. In 1987, we established a Planning Office & Studio to enable OSP to bring design and photography in-house, and in 1994 the Company launched a film printing business. In 2003, OSP established the Company’s first overseas presence by setting up a local subsidiary in China. OSP will continue to evolve as a leading adhesive label printing company while keeping an eye to the future of packaging.
Ecology The fate of packaging to be discarded once it has served its purpose. Consequently, it is increasingly incumbent on the adhesive label printing and packaging industry to take into account this aspect of its products. OSP is actively engaged in research to create non-polluting products, such as water-soluble adhesives and separatorless labels, to improve the environmental friendliness and recycleability of our products. In addition, the Company has obtained ISO14001 and Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody certification and ensures that all our employees are aware of our responsibility for protecting the environment. OSP will continue to fulfill its social responsibilities as well as develop and provide environmentally-friendly products as a leading participant in the packaging industry.
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