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A sticker that doubles as a garbage can? Pokerun is a new sticker that brings together two completely different elements.
The entire sticker serves as a pocket, and paper scraps and other trash can be put inside. This sticker is very environmentally friendly as it lets you to tidy up by filling it with small pieces of garbage. Stick it to bags of candy or gum that inevitably generate trash, or attach it to samples distributed in large numbers. This sticker is friendly to people and the environment, and takes into account the situation after products enter customers’ hands. Company
logos and advertisements can also be printed onto the sticker, so they can be used for corporate PR and events.


Recommended uses for Pokerun   ORIGINAL GOODS


You can also stick it to a bag of candy or gum.
“Feeling good even after you snack.”



Large amounts of garbage are produced wherever people gather in large numbers, like in offices or at events.
Stick Pokerun to your desk or a paper cup, and presto, it’s a trash box!
The entire sticker, garbage and all, can be easily peeled off and disposed of.















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